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"I wanted to know who had kept calling my Landline number and hanging up when I answered, BT could not help so I used MobileTraceUK Landline trace facility. I got the persons name and address the same day and I found out it was a ex of mine that had been harrasing me previously, after threatening him with the police, the calls stopped and he was shocked how I traced it to him !!." Thank you MobileTraceUK

Ms Addison (Manchester)

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"I was very sceptical using this type of service as I had previously been told that mobile numbers cannot be traced, however, as MobileTraceUK were offering a 'No trace-No fee policy I thought I would give it a go. I was astonished to find I got the name, address and postcode of the number which belonged to another man my wife was having an affair with, and they got the info with 24hrs, excellent service and fully recommended.

(Mr Griffiths, Bangor, Wales)

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"I cannot recommend this company enough, my son kept getting abusive texts on his mobile phone that was affecting his school work etc. within hours MobileTraceUK traced the number to a known bully at my sons school and after contacting his parents via the headmaster the texts stopped and the pupil was warned about anymore being sent and would bring prosecution."

Mr Roger Whitehouse (Cheshire)

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"I was worried that tracing a number I found in my husbands mobile phone contacts may lead to him knowing it was me, but Mobile Trace were totally confidential and discreet and it turned out to be a female work colleague I had suspected of cheating with my husband. It was just nice to get peace of mind as he had been denying it for 12 months !!, many thanks to the team at Mobile Trace who were very undestanding and guided me throughout the process"

SM (Derbyshire)

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